This year we start to offer the name drop service. Name drop will boost up your souvenir gift sale. And our name drop service is FREE. You can put your city, town or province name on many Jagreen products to make it unique from others.

How to place name drop orders online

Step 1

We have namedrop minimal quantity request. You can find it on the product detail page, in the description section. If there is no namedrop minimal quantity, it means this product can't be name dropped. (Please see the above image, marked in red)


Step 2

1. Once you are on the order confirmation page, please include the city, town or province name, and the item number you wish to get the name drop in the Special Instructions section. (Please see the image above, marked red)

2. If you are ordering a lot of name drop items, and there is not enough space in the Special Instructions section, after placing the order, please email us the item numbers you wish to get name drop. 

3. You can also print out your order, hand mark * beside the item number that you wish to get name drop, and email/fax us a copy. Email:, Fax number: 416-335-9260

How to place name drop orders on the paper catalog.

We have name drop minimal quantity request. It is on the last column of the price list, marked as "Name Qty". It means the name drop minimal quantity request and products with "Name Qty" can be name dropped. 

Please limit your name drop word within 10-13 characters. If your name is too long, we can't do it due to the limited space on the products.

Name Drop products are non-refundable.